Bob Frantz
– Co-founder of Loophole Comics. Husband. Father. Writer. Broadcaster. (In no particular order) Bob is an avid comics and N.Y. Mets fanatic and will tell you all about it on TWITTER.

Writer/Co-creator – Monty the Dinosaur, The Magnificent Kevins

Mike Exner III
– Co-founder of Loophole Comics, previously published in the Once Upon a Time Machine anthology by Dark Horse Comics, as well as the Out of the Blue anthology by Stache Publishing with more to come. Easily found and followed on TUMBLR and TWITTER.

Writer/Co-creator – Adamant, Villain Takes All

Hany Khattab

Artist/Co-creator – Adamant

D.C Stuelpner – Drawer of drawings and pun aficionado. See more of D.C’s work HERE and enjoy the puns on TWITTER.

Artist/Web design – Adamant

Jean Franco– Jean is a talented graphic designer/illustrator from Argentina, who surprisingly isn’t into futbol. 

Artist/Co-creator – Monty the Dinosaur

Chris Fenoglio – Chris is an illustrator, teacher, and graphic designer based out of Alexandria, Virginia. He teaches Comic Book Illustration for The Academy of Art University. Some of his notable comic work includes being the colorist for Image Comic’s Red City, the letterer for Action Lab Comic’s The Final Plague (which got him a Best Letterer nomination from Comic Monster’s 2013 Horror Comics Awards). He also used to deliver pizza for at least one pizza restaurant. He watches a lot of Star Trek and plays a lot of guitar — much to the dismay of his girlfriend. See more of Chris’ work HERE, and follow him on TWITTER.

Artist/Co-creator – The Magnificent Kevins


Artist/Co-creator – Villain Takes All

Josh JensenTWITTER

Colorist – Adamant

Micah MyersTWITTER

Letterer – Adamant, Villain Takes All


Logo Designer – Loophole Comics



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  • September 15, 2015 at 6:34 am

    Hello my name is shainur ullah and i have written a comic script and it is 58 pages and i cannot afford an artist. This is my first comic script.
    synopsis: Villains are running out follows three superheroes struggling to find work as criminal activity has gone extremely down, in this world superheroes and their families are created by the artist and writers and can be destroyed by them, by destroying the artwork and written work done on the superheroes and their families. Sponsors pay the superheroes to fight crime and the writers and artist benefit financially as well with the superheroes fame and fortune with the public, but with the low criminal activity it sends out a bad wave which the sponsors cannot pay the superheroes anymore due to nothing happening and thus, the writers and artists start destroying the superheroes and their families as they are eventually seen as ‘not needed anymore’
    Then one of the superheroes finds out that a conspiracy is at play, that someone purposely has reduced criminal activity knowing the dreadful effects of it and even the writers and artists are at play with this as well. My idea is to play with the superhero genre and hopefully bring a new fresh idea to the table, I feel I have worked one something ‘kind of’ new and honestly I want to achieve something that is literary and to the best of my ability. hope you can consider publishing.
    If you want to read the comic script you can download it by going here :


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