Ain’t No Table Like a Loophole Table

LoopholeAtTriCon2015Cuz a Loophole table don’t stop! And neither do we at Loophole HQ, where we’re committed to informing you about all the goings-on, happenings and breaking news items concerning our titles and the creators behind them.

With that in mind, feast your eyes on the image above and mark it down, take a mental picture, or even an actual picture because Table 71 is where you’ll find Loophole Comics represented at Tri-Con 2015 by our very own Bob Frantz!

Bob will have copies of Monty the Dinosaur, making its comic debut and available for the first time anywhere, as well as smiles, assorted candy treats and the kind of comics banter you can only find here at Loophole! Visit Bob early and often… you won’t regret it!

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