Bob Frantz SPEAKS at Tri-State Comic-Con


Tri-State Comic-Con arrives on April 11th, and while we at Loophole HQ realize this is April 1st, we’re definitely NOT fooling when we say that our very own Bob Frantz has been chosen to sit on the Independent Comics panel at Tri-Con!

Bob will be appearing on the panel at 1PM the day of the convention, and here’s some additional information from Tri-Con’s official website:


Ever wanted to make comics? Do you know where to start? We have the perfect place, this panel. Some of the best independent creators were hand picked by us for you to ask questions to and listen to their advice.

Chris Charlton, Bob Frantz and Nicholas Wentland


Look at that! Bob got second billing! We couldn’t be prouder of our Loophole compatriot.

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