Monty and Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Together!

For those of you who might not be aware, We here at Loophole Comics are running a Kickstarter Campaign for “Monty the Dinosaur.” It is going super awesome! We were fully funded after twenty six hours!

Since we are fully funded, we decided it would be cool to come up with some stretch goals to keep the momentum going!


We are very pleased to announce that once the campaign hits $1600, we here at Loophole Comics will donate twenty copies of both the comic and the coloring book to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital! The reason we chose Cincinnati Children’s was that Bob’s son, Bobby, had a procedure there last year. He and his wife were really moved by the environment and the kindness of the staff. Bob and Loophole want to give back to an organization that does so much for the children of Cincinnati, as well as kids all over the country.

This is an amazing opportunity and we are honored that Cincinnati Children’s agreed to be a part of the campaign. For more info about the campaign, click HERE!



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