Monty the Dinosaur coming to Comixology!


It’s the announcement MILLIONS of YEARS in the making! Monty the Dinosaur, fresh off a successful Kickstarter and ferocious appearance at HeroesCon is now using those cute, tiny (but strong… ever so strong!) arms of his to pry his way into the ranks of Comixology!

Loophole Comics is proud to announce that on August 19th, 2015 Monty the Dinosaur will make his Comixology debut! Monty the Dinosaur #1 is 24 pages of earthshaking, cupcake-baking, friend-making AWESOME! And in LESS THAN ONE SHORT WEEK you can have a digital copy of Monty the Dinosaur #1 all to yourself!

Interested in seeing a preview to find out what all the fuss is about? Of COURSE you are! And you’re in luck! The first SIX PAGES of Monty the Dinosaur #1 are ready for your consumption right HERE!

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