Oathbound on Comixology!

Okay, so we’re a little late with this announcement, but don’t let that stop you from hopping on your horse and galloping over to Comixology to check out the first issue of Oathbound!


Written by Kevin Cuffe, with art by Paul Gori, colors by Hedwin Zaldivar and letters by Shawn M. Greenleaf, Oathbound is the story of Cole Jamison. Once an outlaw, beholden to no one and nothing, Jamison left a life of dastardly deeds behind to raise and protect his daughter. But unfortunately for Cole, he’s oathbound, and a dark pact, forged long ago, pulls both he and his daughter back into a life Cole thought he’d left far behind.

What will Cole do when mistakes from his past come roaring back to impact his daughter’s future? Click the cover image above and purchase Oathbound #1 on Comixology to find out! And if you need a little MORE incentive, check out this free 4-page preview!





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