Want to join the Loophole Comics family? Read on! We might just be your way in…


Loophole Comics only accepts fully realized, creator-owned project submissions with a complete creative team. This means, writer, artist, colorist, letterer… the whole nine. If you’re capable of doing all of that… great! However, if you’re a writer looking to be paired with an artist, or a writer/artist team looking for a colorist or letterer please note that we are NOT able to pair creators at this time.

ALL submissions to Loophole Comics should include the following:

1. A SINGLE title page, including contact information. Introduce yourself, but don’t tell us your life story. At least not yet.

2. A ONE PAGE story synopsis. Tell us what your comic is about. Keep it brief, but make it interesting. You should be able to sell us in a few sentences. And please keep in mind that we’re the PUBLISHER, not the audience. That means we don’t need EVERY DETAIL of your story, but we do need to know the ENDING. Give it to us.

3. A MINIMUM of 5 pages of fully lettered and colored sequential art, as well as a COVER with your TITLE LOGO. We want to see how adept you are at putting together the entire package. Show us what you’ve got!

Please note that ALL submissions must be in PDF format, and that we will only accept LINKS to your work. Please DO NOT flood our inbox with large file attachments. These will be deleted and your submission will be disregarded. We ask that you utilize services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. when submitting to Loophole Comics.

Please note that Loophole Comics ONLY publishes creator-owned projects, and does NOT pay page rates. All payment, including profit sharing, and/or ownership rights should be handled between the respective members of the creative team.



Loophole Comics is not currently hiring artists. We are willing to review art submissions, and will keep these on file on the off chance that we pair creative teams in the future.

To submit art samples please include the following:

8 pages of current, complete sequential artwork, with contact info clearly
visible on each page.

All submissions should be emailed to…

Mike Exner III

Loophole Comics Submissions Editor