A Recipe for The Disasters!

Take one amazing letterer-turned-writer, sprinkle in some of the absolute best independent comics artists around today, add a pinch of coloring prowess and editorial know-how, bake it on Kickstarter for 30 days, let it sit to cool until the leaves turn and what do you get?


After a monumentally successful Kickstarter campaign, Loophole Comics is proud to announce The Disasters is imminent! Micah Myers has collaborated with artists Bobby Simpson, Joe Badon, Hoyt Silva, Marie Enger and Morgan Sawyer to put together a fantastic tale of four obscure supervillains that stumble their way into bringing about the death of one of the most powerful and prestigious superheroes in the world.

For the first time in their lives, these villains are wanted… only they never expected to be America’s MOST Wanted, hunted by every law enforcement agency and superhuman crime fighter on the planet!

Now thrust together by bizarre circumstances, on the run, and forced to rely on each other to survive (even though they barely know one another), this kooky quartet must scratch and claw their way to survival by any means necessary!

With a stunning cover by artist Paul Gori and colorist Josh Jensen, a variant cover by Rachel (daughter of the legendary Jerry) Ordway, as well as pin-ups by Hoyt Silva, Ryan Cody (Doc Unknown, Dark Horse Presents), Drew Moss (The Crow, Copperhead) and Loophole Comics’ own D.C. Stuelpner, this is one disaster you DO NOT want to miss!

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