Adamant on Comixology!

Sure, we realize you can read Adamant anytime you’d like for FREE on the ADAMANT website, but we thought you might also like to know that as of March 16th (yes, this announcement is a bit late) Adamant #1 can be purchased on Comixology for the low, low (ever so low) price of $0.99! You can view (and even possibly BUY) Adamant #1 on Comixology by clicking the image below!


Now I know what you’re asking yourself… “Self, WHY would I buy Adamant #1 on Comixology when I can read it for free online?”

Well, Self, we’ve got an easy answer for you… to support the creators of Adamant that you love so much! Why else?

Comixology also makes reading comics a breeze with its patented Guided View technology, and you haven’t truly seen Adamant, Dr. Alpha and Pogo until you’ve seen them in all their Guided View splendor.

There’s also a snazzy new CREDITS page we created especially for Comixology (and a hopeful print run down the line) that you’ll never see on the webcomic itself. What could be better than a snazzy new Credits page properly crediting the creators of Adamant, I ask you?

Nothing! The answer is nothing could be better than that… except maybe some FREE preview pages from the comic itself!





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