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LOOPHOLE COMICS: So then it’s safe to say the little girl in the preview images we’ve seen is Sophie? What part does she play in the comic?

BOB FRANTZ: Yes, sir. My daughter is the main human character in the book. Sophie was in all the verbal stories I would tell about Monty. So, it made sense to make her a main character.

LC: That’s awesome. Has Sophie seen the book? Does she enjoy being a comic book character?

BF: Honestly, it was a little weird for her at first. Real Sophie doesn’t think she looks anything like Comic Book Sophie. Real Sophie wanted me to change the look of the character. We tweaked Comic Book Sophie based on a few notes we received from Real Sophie. However, Real Sophie became mad with power so that ended her editorial input.

LC:  You have a son as well, yes? Where is he? Will he be making an appearance in the series?


BF: I had no idea I was on trial here, Perry Mason. I do indeed have a son. His name is Bobby and he’ll show up in the second issue.

LC: A second issue? So you have more issues planned?

BF:Absolutely! I’ve fallen in love with this silly green reptile and I want to write as many stories as I can muster.

LC: What other adventures do you have planned for Monty and Sophie?

BF: In the second issue, Monty and Sophie go to school… and to the MOON!

LC: The Moon?! Is there no stopping these two?

BF: Not if I have anything to say about it.

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One thought on “BOB FRANTZ excavates MONTY THE DINOSAUR — Part 2

  • February 20, 2015 at 11:39 pm

    cant wait to read the next couple of chapters! Love it!


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