Bob Frantz
– Co-founder of Loophole Comics. Husband. Father. Writer. Broadcaster. (In no particular order) Bob is an avid comics and N.Y. Mets fanatic and will tell you all about it on TWITTER.

Writer/Co-creator – Monty the Dinosaur, The Elvis Adventures

Mike Exner III
– Co-founder of Loophole Comics, previously published in the Once Upon a Time Machine anthology by Dark Horse Comics, as well as the Out of the Blue anthology by Stache Publishing with more to come. Easily found and followed on PATREON and TWITTER.

Writer/Co-creator – Adamant

Hany Khattab

Artist/Co-creator – Adamant

D.C Stuelpner – Drawer of drawings and pun aficionado. See more of D.C’s work HERE and enjoy the puns on TWITTER.

Artist/Web design – Adamant

Jean Franco– Jean is a talented graphic designer/illustrator from Argentina, who surprisingly isn’t into futbol. 

Artist/Co-creator – Monty the Dinosaur

Josh JensenTWITTER

Colorist – Adamant

Micah MyersTWITTER

Letterer – Adamant, Villain Takes All


Logo Designer – Loophole Comics



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