K.R. Whalen joins the AdamanTeam!

Yes, we know, you’re still basking in the glory that is the gradual updates of Adamant #2. And we hope you’re enjoying it!

But in the meantime we thought we’d share some news concerning Adamant #3!

Artist K.R. Whalen has joined the AdamanTeam and will be handling the flashback scenes for our 3rd issue! K.R. is the creator of the hilarious webcomic Deep Space Donkey Skin (you read that right!), and has also done work for Read Challenger as well as being extremely active on twitter, tumblr and deviantart.

And just in case you’re not as immediately (and immensely!) excited as we are about this announcement, here are some sketches from K.R. to help get you there! Enjoy!


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