The Disasters is Imminent!

Loophole Comics is proud to announce that DISASTER is imminent! But wait! Don’t go running off in a blind panic! It’s the good kind of disaster!

Our pal Micah Myers, the letterer of Adamant for Loophole Comics, as well as Mercy Sparx for Devil’s Due, All Hallow’s Eve for 215 Ink, Aliens vs. Zombies for Zenescope, Snarl for Alterna Comics and Starburn for Markosia(whew!) is bringing his newest comic project, The Disasters, to Loophole!


Written and lettered by Micah, The Disasters consists of four shorts that introduce the main characters, each drawn by a separate incredible artist (Bobby Simpson, Marie Enger, Morgan Sawyer and Joe Badon), with each short ultimately leading to the main story where The Disasters come together to prove that being a disaster just might be a good thing!

Stay tuned to Loophole Comics here and on our TWITTER for more news on The Disasters, including how you can help support Micah in his endeavor to fully fund this amazing project through Kickstarter!

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