The Elvis Adventures are in the Building!

Loophole Comics is proud to announce the action packed new series The Elvis Adventures from the awesome minds of Kevin Cuffe (writer), Bob Frantz (witer), Rachel Ordway (art) and Micah Myers (letters).

The Elvis Adventures is a pulpy space romp in the vein of Flash Gordon seen through the lens of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. The series is a 1970’s disaster film on a killer LSD trip. It’s the perfect marriage of unadulterated silliness, bone crunching kung fu fights and lots of giant monsters! Join the King and members of the infamous Memphis Mafia as they embark on a smash hit singing, karate kicking, alien smashing adventure to save mankind. When asked about the new book co-writer Bob Frantz said, “We wanted to make a book that was silly and fun. With the help from Rachel’s dynamite art work we were able to do that and then some.” 

The Elvis Adventures Cover Fin samller

The Elvis Adventures will be making its debut at the Tidewater Comic Con, May 21-22nd in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Not going to be at the con? Well, the gang will be hitting up comic shows all over the country this summer, so stay locked in to the website for more info. 

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