Adamant RETURNS to Comixology


Not a hoax! Not a sham! Not even an intricate plot devised by the diabolical Dr. Alpha! You’re reading that right, Adamaniacs! Adamant #2 is dropping on Comixology this week, August 17th, 2016 for the low, low (it’s really quite low) price of $0.99!

“Now hold on a minute, Loophole Comics!”, we hear you saying… “How can this be? Isn’t Adamant #2 still in the process of updating weekly on the Adamant website?”

A very astute observation, Adamaniacs! You’re right! Adamant #2 is still in the process of updating each and every week at the ADAMANT WEBSITE, but due to the hard work of the AdamanTeam, the second issue of Adamant finished well ahead of schedule!

Thus the powers-that-be at Loophole Comics decided to submit Adamant to Comixology months before the issue wraps up on the Adamant website!

What that means is that if you don’t feel like waiting for the weekly updates to find out what happens to Adamant as he matches wits and hits with Dr. Alpha and Pogo, you can head on over to Comixology on August 17th, buy Issue #2 all for yourself and everything will be revealed to you in one easy installment!

Also keep in mind that the full issue of Adamant #2 on Comixology has a few bells and whistles not available to you anywhere else, including Comxiology’s patented Guided View technology, the always popular Adamant CREDITS page, and for the first time ever Adamant also has a RECAP page that promises to be as entertaining as it is informative!

And that’s why we feel it’s still safe to say that Adamant remains the most unbreakable (not to mention affordable!) hero on the internet!

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